Videojet Boosts Productivity and Efficiency with New CO2 Laser Range

Videojet Boosts Productivity and Efficiency with New CO2 Laser Range

As production targets increase, manufacturers need more efficient laser marking solutions to print consistent high-quality codes on their products. However, these demands are stretching the capabilities of current laser coding equipment. Until now, low power laser markers have not been available at high enough speeds to code products faster. Wide web applications are becoming more common, and data processing is becoming more challenging as code content becomes more complex. The net effect is that the desire for greater productivity is often inhibited by the limits of the marking solution.

In response to manufacturers’ needs for higher quality codes, Videojet Technologies, a global leader in coding, marking and printing solutions, has advanced its range of CO2 laser marking systems with the introduction of the Videojet 3340 and 3140 laser marking systems. This advanced CO2 laser range is designed to help deliver peak coding performance for mainstream applications, as well as a solution for manufacturers that require faster data processing speeds, high speed coding up to 900m/min and large marking fields across a wide web application.

Videojet’s new laser marking systems produce superior quality codes at higher speeds
Videojet’s new laser marking systems produce superior quality codes at higher speeds

Recognizing that high-quality codes are important for manufacturers, the new Videojet laser solutions offer speed improvements in data processing and communication over its predecessor lasers. This improvement provides benefits for a range of applications from food and beverage, to pharmaceutical and tobacco by providing more time to engage the product, more time to finish the required mark, and ultimately producing higher quality codes.

Marking speed enhancements of the new Videojet 3340 laser marking system are highly impressive, and manufacturers can now mark four lines of variable data, plus 2D codes at 400+ products per minute. With mark speeds of up to 2,000 characters per second, the Videojet 3340 offers the equivalent in speed and capability of one of the leading 60W lasers on the market today. This has significant cost, space and power advantages for manufacturers, integrators and other machine builders.

We know that market trends are changing, and customers have to increase productivity by coding more products faster,” said Sascha Ammesdoerfer, Laser Business Unit Manager at Videojet Technologies.

The improved speed and coverage capabilities of our advanced CO2 laser solutions mean they can now mark up to 900m/min, marking more text at higher speeds for companies that require 2D codes and text.

These advanced CO2 laser solutions offer the largest marking field in the industry and are 20% wider than the closest equivalent on the market today. The Videojet 3340 can now cover up to 600mm marking field width, allowing certain wide web applications to be addressed with one laser that previously would have required two lasers. The large marking window helps to increase throughput and productivity.

The available configurations give Videojet the flexibility to match the physical integration needs of the specific packaging line, and the mark window options help ensure we can deliver the marking performance our customers need,” explains Ammesdoerfer. “With three available wavelengths, the new Videojet CO2 lasers can mark on a range of substrates including PET bottling, plastic labels, laminated cartons, and a host of plastic materials common in consumer packaging.”

Complementing the 3340 and 3140 laser marking systems, Videojet also offers a range of fume extraction systems and filter options that can be tailored for the given application, helping to remove smoke and particulate debris and improving uptime by keeping the laser lens clean.  Specifying the right laser solution supports easy integration, speeding up the installation and changeover process and ultimately increasing uptime. In addition to this, the detachable umbilical cable can be easily routed during set-up, helping to eliminate the need to move other machinery.

The Videojet 3340 and 3140 laser marking systems offer the flexibility needed to deliver peak performance in a variety of challenging production environments,” said Ammesdoerfer. “The vast range of standard configurations, our substrate flexibility, and the high-resolution marking heads all combine to deliver the marking performance customers need to help them achieve their production goals.”

The Videojet 3340 and 3140 laser marking systems are one of a number of innovative new laser products being launched by Videojet in 2016.

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