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Editorial Criteria

  • Only press releases from original equipment manufacturers (OEM) or nominated PR Houses will be accepted. News must be industry related.
  • Product must be recently introduced to the industry/ marketplace or improved version of existed product or service.
  • Press releases must include date of release, contact, and company information.

To assist our editors include:

  • Detailed information on the new product or service (as long as you like)
  • Pictures and other images (one image, mandatory) which are acceptable in all formats, digital files preferred for higher image quality (each image should be 100 to 500KB)
  • Name the photo with few words — probably the event/ product or the subject name — and add .jpg.
  • Links to pages on your website that are specifically about the new product.
  • Please do not send press releases or newsletters as PDF files. Fancy layouts and newsletter types of releases are discouraged as they are not press releases.
  • You can submit news every day (24×7) of the week and keep all news in the press release format of text only (MS Word 2010 or later) and complete sentences.
  • Please email us at pharmamarketasia[at]

We hope you know that we certainly welcome and want to promote your good news. Thanks for being mindful of the way we need to receive it in order to consider it for our pages and companion websites. would be nothing without input from the community. We appreciate that you trust us with your stories – we welcome and thrive on your news. Please keep it coming!